November 2016 Holy Ghost Service – Text & MP3


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Notes From November 2016 Holy Ghost Service

Theme:Helper of Destiny

Ministering: Pastor E. A. Adeboye -November 2016 Holy Ghost Service

Father before this year ends let all my problems be forgotten.

Father whatever I need tonight give it unto me today. Whatever miracle I need let me have it today no matter how big.

Holy Ghost Congress from 5th of Dec to 10th of Dec. First three days in the old Arena and the last three days in new Arena. Theme: Complete Restoration.

Isaiah 41:10 – 13.

Helpers of Destiny.

What is destiny? Destiny simply means the plan of God for your life. The purpose for which He created you. Jer 1:4-5. God never created anybody without a purpose. God is the master planner. He is an architect. Before He builds he has a plan. Roms 9:17. Luke 1:13-17. Before John the Baptist was conceived, God said he shall be great. My destiny is to be great. I am not in the world by accident but for a purpose called destiny.

Different things can happen to a mans destiny. When the architect draw a plan, there can be alterations according to the owner of the house. Psa 33:11. The counsel of the Lord shall stand. Psa 115:3. God is sovereign. The man who made pencil also made eraser. God is in heaven and does as it please. There is also free will of man. He can decide what he wants or not. The combination of these two can affect destiny of man. Ezekiel 33:13-16. The sovereignty of God and free will of man can affect a destiny. Many things can happen.

Destiny can be aborted. Gen 4:1-8. Cain and Abel. Abel destiny was aborted. 1 Sam 15:22-28. Saul was the first king in Israel with his family being royal family for over but was aborted. Acts 1:15-20. Judas his Bishopric somebody else too.

Destiny can be destroyed. 1 Sam 31:6. When King Saul died all his sons died with him the same day. Destiny of Jonathan was destroyed of his father’s sin. Anything that can destroy your destiny will be destroyed by God tonight.

Destiny can be truncated. Cut short. 1 Sam 2:30. Destiny of Eli and his family was truncated. Whatever will cause the destiny of my family to be truncated is cursed tonight.

Destiny can be redeemed. Mark 5:1-20. Mad man of Gadarene. When he got in contact with Jesus, his destiny to be an evangelist for Jesus was redeemed. If my destiny has been stolen it shall be redeemed tonight.

Destiny can be restored. Dan 4. Nebuchadnazzree. God restored his destiny after seven years. God will restore your destiny tonight.

Destiny can be reversed. Gen 49:1-7. Story of Levi. He was cursed by his father. Num 3:5-13. God reversed the curse and restore his destiny. The destiny that was cursed was reversed. Any curse disturbing your destiny is cancelled tonight.

Destiny can be helped. 2 Kings 5:1-14. Naaman. He was destined to die a leper. His destiny was that his joy can never be full. Whatever is not allowing your joy to be full shall be removed before tomorrow morning. God sent many destiny helper to Naaman. A slave girl captured in battle. Though enemy God used her to help Naaman fulfill destiny. The girl spoke to Naaman wife. God can use your relations. Naaman went to the king who was his friend. God can use a friend to help your destiny. Elisha heard about it, God can use a man of God. His servant came to plead with Naaman. God can use servants. Behind all of this was God. The one who helped the destiny of Naaman most was Naaman himself. God is ready to help your destiny. He can use your enemy, relatives, friends, man of God, servants and He himself is ready but will you help your own destiny? If Naaman refused to wash all efforts would have been wasted.

God can help your destiny. God will help your destiny. He can use different people to do so.

God can use your relatives to help your destiny. Moses. Exo 2:1-3. Death was waiting for Moses at birth. His mother helped his destiny. Exo 2:4-9. His sister watched over him when he was in River Nile. Gen 27:26-33. The father of Jacob began to pour blessings upon blessings upon him. His father helped him to fulfill destiny. Even if your father or mother did not not bless you God will bless you.

Father you are the father of all father, command a blessing upon me today.

God can also use friends to help your destiny e.g. 1 Sam 20 Jonathan/David. Prov 18:24. There is a friend that can stick closer than a brother. Prov 27:10. Make new friends and keep the old. One is silver, the other is gold.

Father please put my friends at position where they will be able to help me.

God can use servants to help your destiny. Naaman case. Ordinary maid started him on his journey to destiny. Gen 41:1-44. It was a servant of Pharaoh that God used to pick Joseph from prison and turn him to prime minister. Gen 50:19-20. The destiny of Joseph is to preserve the whole world. Be careful how you treat your house help.

Father, from sources I don’t expect, send help to me.

God can use your enemies to bless your destiny. Don’t pray for your enemies to die. Some are necessary to push you to your destiny. 1 Sam 1:16. HANNAH prayed because Peninah was pushing her. The enemy that will push you into your destiny is a good enemy.

Father every enemy I have let them push me towards my destiny.

God can use a servant of God to help your destiny. 1 Sam 16:1-16. God wanted to appoint a king. David father did not help. His brothers did not help. All those who will help you will not rest until they have helped you. 1 King 17:1-8. Widow of Zarephite. The help you are waiting for will arrive on time. 2 Kings 4:8-17. Shunamite woman would have been childless but for Elisha. 2 Kings 2:9-15. God used Elijah to help the destiny of Elisha.

Father even if it’s a fraction of the anointing of my father’s in the Lord let it flow out to me. Help my destiny Lord.

God Himself can help your destiny. Psa 46:1. Psa 121:1-2. 1 Kings 19:4-8. You will not die until you fulfill your destiny. 2 Sam 6:1-12. All those expecting your death God will surprise them. Isaiah 41:10-13. God said, I will help you. When God helps you, he does it in his special way. Nobody shares the glory with him. When God decides to help you who can query him.

Father helper of the helpless help my destiny.

Finally you must help yourself. Gen 39:7-9. Destiny of Joseph would have come to an abrupt end if he had surrendered to temption. 2 Kings 4:1-7. If she was not absolutely obedient, her destiny would have come to an end and her sons become slave. Isaiah 1:19. The choice is yours. He will not force. Deut 30:19. Chose between blessing or cursing. No doubt your destiny is great Jer 29:11. Your destiny is a good one but will you obey him completely?

Father help me to obey you all the way, please fulfill my destiny



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