RCCG June 2018 Holy Ghost Service – Stronger Than Your Enemies 6


Ministering: Pastor E.A. Adeboye
Topic: Victory Through Praise
Text: Psalm 18:1-3

God loves praise.
– Praise to God is what water is to the fish; He dwells in it.
– If you take praise away from God, there may be a problem. The Seraphim’s were created for this very reason. Rev. 5:11-13
– As much as God loves praise, He detests anything coming from a sinner. If you belong to the devil and try to praise God, you only mock Him; which He detests. Prov. 15:8
When You Praise, God the Father Draws Near
1. He leaves His throne to meet you. Psalm 68:1-3
2. He causes your enemies to be at peace with you. Psalm 97:3
3. Your enemies get too busy trying to destroy one another. Psalm 23:5
4. He mentally paralyzes your enemies. Exo. 14:13-18
5. He arrests your enemies so they never again trouble you.

– If only you can approach praise with the reckless abandon of a child, your victory will show up faster.
– When you understand the greatness of divine blessings, especially when gotten through praise, everything begins to fall in place for you. Genesis 12:1-3
What Happens When the Holy Spirit Draws Near?
1. When the Holy Spirit draws near as a result of your praise, He comes in as a rushing Mighty Wind and as a Consuming Fire. Psalm 67:5-6
2. Your enemies dread you and run away from you. Genesis 26:12-15



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