Day 3 Evening Session RCCG Annual Convention 2017


Day 3 Evening Session RCCG Annual Convention 2017
Theme: Halleluyah
Plenary Session 2: The Power of Praise
Ministering: Pastor E.A Adeboye

Pastor E.A Adeboye Sermon at RCCG 2017 ANNUAL CONVENTION Day 3 – The Power of Praise

PRAYERS: Lift up your voice and say, Father, tonight please put a New Song in my mouth.

Bible Text: Psalm 22: 3 – But thou art Holy O thou that inhabitest the Praises of Israel.

The Power of Praise depends on the one you are Praising – whether such has the Power or not. In other words, Praises derives its Power from the Power of the Person that you are Praising.

If you Praise yourself, for instance, you will discover what Nebuchadnezzar discovered in Daniel 4: 28-37. He woke up one-morning boasting and praising himself saying: is this not Babylon that I built for the glory of my kingdom? Then the owner of Heaven and Earth responded by asking him to eat grasses like an animal for 7years. Then the bible recorded that after the 7 years, he came to his senses and said: I Praised the Most High God. If you are praising yourself, you are courting for trouble.

If you praise someone else, no matter how big such person may be, you want to put that person in trouble. In Acts 12: 20-24; here was a King called Herod who sat on his throne well dressed. He was talking to his people and they said: this is the voice of God. The Only Living God heard them and sent worms to eat up the King. He fell from his throne and before he hits the ground, it was only bones that remained.

But when Praising the Most High God; the One who is Higher than the Highest, The Almighty (who made the Heaven and the Earth), The One that said I am God and none else…then you should get ready for a Miracle!

So tonight, Daddy is going to ask those who had made up their mind to give all Glory, Honour and Adoration to Him alone to Shout Halleluyah … Halleluyah!!!

The talk tonight will be in two (2) Parts – Theory and Applications.


The Power of Praising God comes from the fact that if you Praise Him…He will Draw Near to You.

In John 4: 23-24, God Himself said in His Words that: He is a Spirit, those who Worship Him must Worship Him in Spirit and Truth as the Father seeks such to Worship Him.

The implication of that is in these three (3) basic things:

1. If He is to Draw Near me then He has to stand up for you. He is a King that is seated upon His throne. So if coming to visit me then He must get up first. For instance, when Stephen was being stoned to death, he looked up and saw Jesus Christ standing beside God. This is the same Jesus that the bible had recorded earlier as being seated at the right-hand side of God.

Psalm 68: 1-3 says when God arises, His enemies are scattered.

There is someone here tonight that God will arise and his/her enemies will be scattered. If you are that person let me hear you shout a very big Halleluyah…Halleluyah!!!

2. Our God is not an ordinary King but King of Kings for that matter. And as Kings, they don’t go out alone. Revelation 19: 14-16 says when He is traveling, the army of Heaven followed after Him. So that by the time He arrives with His entourage, the ground begins to shake.

Psalm 104: 32 says when God arises, look at the earth…you will see the earth trembling.

Remember the story of the three (3) Kings from the East that came to Worship Jesus Christ. When they arrived with their entourage, the whole city trembled.

Tonight, the ground here will tremble for someone and it is the person that will shout a very big Halleluyah… Halleluyah!!!

3. He does not go empty handed because when they want to depart from you, they will like to give you a Royal Gift. When God pays you a visit, He gives you a Royal Thing or Divine Gift. And because He is so great then the things He leaves will frighten you as it will be so Big. For example in Luke 5: 1-9; when God paid Peter a visit in his boat. When they finished together, He said to him that before I come out of your boat, let me give you a gift. He instructed him to launch out into the deep for a catch. His net was so filled that he had to beckon on others to help him. In Verse 8 and 9 of that chapter, the bible says Peter came to fall at the feet of Jesus Christ that He should go away with His Gift as he was very frightened.


1. Praise Guarantees VICTORY.

Why you may want to say; It is because according to Proverbs 8: 31 and 37; If God be for us, who can be against us.

We are more than Conqueror through Him that loves us.

There are three (3) categories of people anytime:

I. The People that are less than Conqueror (Losers). In Joshua 7: 1-12; Joshua went to war without God and he lost.

II. The People that are Conqueror – They went to war with God’s backing. In 1Samuel 17: 34-37; it’s an account of David’s Testimony of how God delivered him from a lion and bear. Then he went on to tell Goliath that he came to him in the Name of the Lord.

III. The People that are More Than Conqueror – They don’t have to fight at all as God will fight for them – God’s Army will take care of your enemy.

Someone will leave here as More Than Conqueror.

For example in 2Chronicles 20: 1-24; three (3) Kings gathered against Jehoshaphat. In Verse 17, God told him that you don’t need to fight…just Praise me and I will fight for you.

To someone here tonight, it does not matter how many enemies you have (within or without); if you will do yourself a favour tonight by shouting a loud and clear Halleluyah… Halleluyah!!!, He will take care of all of your enemies.

2. Praising God Guarantees EARTHQUAKE.

When God stands, everything is scattered. And when He arises, there is Earthquake.

In Acts 16: 25-39; several things will happen if you Praise Him and He comes near…Earthquake such as in the case of Paul and Silas when they were in the prison. Instead of complaining, they were Praising God… He arose, came with His Army and there was Earthquakes.

When there is an earthquake, the following things occur:

I. The Prison doors will be thrown opened.

There is someone who can open a door without using a key because He has the Master Key. Revelation 3:7 says I have the Key of David… when I open no man can shut it…

Acts 12: 5-14 recorded that when He went to the Prison to rescue Peter, the doors opened on their own accord.

Let me assure someone here tonight that very soon you will stand here to Testify and the Testimony will be all the doors that you have been knocking at your shout of halleluyah are all opened.

II. The yokes are destroyed because when the prison doors are thrown open, all the handcuffs tied to your hands and legs will be broken.

Many of us cannot boast that we are making progress in life as there are invincible ropes holding our legs and hands.

When the King of King visits, the ANOINTING destroys the yokes.

Since God gave Daddy GO this Year Convention Theme as Halleluyah, he has been rejoicing because this Year will mark a Turning Point for somebody. From now, everything you touch will prosper and your journey will be accelerated.

Daddy knows that someone here tonight, all the yokes (either born with you or acquired) will be destroyed simply because you shout a very big Halleluyah… Halleluyah!!!

III. The enemies of Paul and Silas who were given the assignment to secure them suddenly became their servants – providing them food and taking care of them.

Maybe it should be a good thing if you want God to wipe away your enemies but I think it will be better if God can spare them so that they can end up serving you. He said in Psalm 23, thou prepare a table before me in the Presence of my enemies. Daddy just imagining what would have happened to Potiphar’s wife after Pharaoh announced that nobody can raise a foot without Joseph? If he had been in Joseph’s shoe, he would have paid Potiphar’s family a visit so that the wife can watch him in his affluence.

After this Convention, all those who said you won’t make it will come and bow before you…Amen!!!

3. When you Praise God, He will leave behind a thing – Miracle that is so big that it will be so frightening.

In 2Chroniles 20:25, after the enemies of Jehoshaphat finished themselves; wealth changed hands. Jehoshaphat with all the Israelites spent three (3) days carrying the wealth.

Do you have enough FAITH to believe that a day is coming that when you take your money to the bank; it will take them three (3) days to count it.

If you believe that let me hear you shout a very big Halleluyah… Halleluyah!!!

It doesn’t matter how much you Praise God if you are determined to be in sin; He won’t draw near to you. Amos 3:3 says two (2) cannot walk together except they agree. It is only birds of the same feather that flocks together.

One thing Daddy knows about God is that He is the Almighty and Merciful God. But more than anything else, He is Holy. Even the Angels in Heaven are always crying: Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God Almighty.

Holiness is the Master Key.

Those who enjoy sins are killing and destroying themselves. That’s why Daddy pity those who won’t surrender to God.

So if you want to give your life to God start coming out now….

Are you ready for God to bless you tonight? Why not stand on your feet and shout a very big Halleluyah… Halleluyah!!!


1. Heavenly Father arise for me: BAMIDELE JOEL tonight.

2. Father in my life tonight, let there be Spiritual Earthquake and you destroy all my yokes. Throw up every prison door for me and destroy every yokes in my life.

3. You can only pray this Prayer only if you want.

Father, I am ready for a Miracle that will frighten me…I mean a Miracle that will be so big that I will be so afraid to share it and attempt running away. The kind of Miracle that I will say oh Lord how will I handle it and people will find it so difficult to believe me. The time for it is now… please do it for me.

For all of these prayers, there is only one key to it. On a particular occasion in the Bible, multitudes were trusting God for a Miracle but Jesus just walked up to only one person.

The question is: What must you do to make sure that it is you that He will visit tonight?

It is just by Praising Him. It is your Praises that will attract you to Him.

… So just go ahead and Praise God as you have never done before. And He will surely single you out for a DIVINE VISITATION.




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