Day 2 [Morning] RCCG Annual Convention 2017 – Halleluyah


Day 2 RCCG Holy Ghost Convention 2017 – Ordination of Assistant Pastors



Ministering: Rev. Joe Olaiye
Theme: Halleluyah
Topic: The God of all Flesh
Text: Numbers 27:12-23 & Deuteronomy 31
Matthew 9:35

1. As you are ordained today, you must go in the way of the Lord and not your own way. Do not imbibe another spirit. be like Joshua.
2. Do not become too wise to obey God
3. Exercise your self in the word of God, feed on the Word, pray and ask God for strength.
4. You are not to teach God’s people unbelief but faith that they may acquire the promises of God
5. Do not be troubled, Jesus is not leaving you to pastor Alone because he is ahead of You
6. It is comforting to know God is ahead of you in the present and also the future
7. As long as you choose to walk with God he will never fail you
8. Rest your confidence in God
Thank God for today’s Teaching. Be like Moses, Joshua and Caleb.



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