2016 RCCG Convention: Prayer Points -Day 4


2016 RCCG  Convention: Prayer Points -Day 4

By Pastor E.A Adeboye

  1. Father, in the name of Jesus, every Goliath in my life must die tonight.
  2. Father, every force pressing me down, deal with it tonight.
  3. In the mighty name of Jesus, I refuse to die. Satan, you are the one that would leave me alone.
  4. Father, whatever is my own obsession that is contrary to your will, take it away tonight.
  5. Father, if there is anyone close to me under any evil force and it doesn’t want to let such go, Father, end the evil force tonight.
  6. Father, if I am the one and I have evil forces that I do not know, every plant you did not plant in me, uproot it tonight.
  7. Father, let me remain forever free.
  8. Father, we all agree the devil must leave us alone
  9. 9. Father, we all command Satan, leave our families alone



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