Let’s lift our hands to the Most High God and begin to bless His Holy name, let’s give Him glory, honor and adoration, worship the King of kings and the Lord of Lords, worship the Ancient of Days, bless the Father of all fathers, the Father of the fatherless, the lover of children, give Him glory, give Him honor, the only one who does not change, the only one who does not grow old, the one who lives forever.

Let’s bless His Holy name, let’s give Him glory and honor, let’s magnify His Holy name, Thank you Father, in Jesus mighty name we worshiped. Let’s lift our voices to God and say, Father, as we bring your children to You tonight, let your fire comes down and chase away every evil from these children. Thank You Father, Glory be to God.

I have a Father, Almighty Father,
He is King of kings and Lord of lords
I have a Father, …

Almighty God, King of kings, Lord of lords, The father of the fatherless, The original father, We worship You, accept our worship in Jesus name, tonight my father and my God is a very special night for children and i pray God almighty that by the unction of the Holy Spirit and by the unction of the anointing that will be coming on this children tonight You will make them too hot for the enemies to handle.

If there be any sicknesses or diseases in any of this children by the unction of the anointing let such sickness and disease be roasted. For all these Your children my father and my God, from this moment onward, let them begin to shine, and i commit all their parents, teachers and all those who have ministered tonight – in music, drama, recitations and all those who were there preparing them, they will shine brighter.

Since we are all children in Your Hands bless every one of us mightily tonight. Thank you for the testimonies we have heard tonight, by tomorrow let’s there be greater ones. In Jesus mighty name we have prayed. Let the blessings of tonight reach those who are watching all over the world. In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.Shake hands with one or two people and say – Your excellency i’m born to shine.

May Holy Ghost service will be Swimming in Glory Part 5 – BORN TO WIN.

Luke 7:36-48
A woman followed steps that can make her swim in glory, she made up her mind not to die a sinner and made contact with Jesus Christ. Some of us are known sinners, no matter how terrible your sin may be you can still shine for God. Give your life to Jesus.

Every child here tonight will be greater than their parents, Joseph is a classical example of someone born to shine, he shared his dream with brothers. Every enemies of your destiny shall be subdued. Genesis 37 20 His brother planned to kill. Everyone trying to kill your dream shall help you to fulfill it.
It does not matter what the enemies may try, if you are born to shine the counsel of God shall stand. Gen 37-23-28


  1. there is no pit so deep that is beyond the everlasting arms.2. God knows the end from the beginning. Act 15-18, Deuteronomy 33-27, Psalms 23:1-3
  2. God will not allow them to bury you alive. Numbers 16:25-33
    As long as you are still breathing you will come out of the pit, you will come out tonight by shouting a very big JESUS. Ecclesiastes 9-4 If you know you are born to shine shout JESUS.
    Genesis 39:1-6 Joseph was sold to slavery and he began to shine, John 8:32-36, Matthew 6:24. If you are serving Jesus you are not a slave. Corinthians 6:19-20. Anyone trying to keep you in slavery will have to deal with your master that has a name that is above every other name. Shout JESUS if you want high power to deliver you from captives. If you belong to Christ no one can keep you in prison because their is no door that can hinder The Door. John 14:6, Act 16-25-40.

Joseph’s promotion began in the prison, your promotion begins today. Genesis 41:1-44 The one that God will use to fulfill your destiny will dream tonight, Proverbs 21:1. To shine means to excel, to be the best. Daniel 6:1-3. The greatest thing for Christians is that we are going to shine before the King of kings Matthew 25, Proverbs 4-18, Daniel 12:3. Keep on winning souls to shine. Proverbs 11:30.

1.The Lord asked me to tell someone that the happening around you is to make your foundation deeper so that your tower can go higher.

  1. Among the children who are here tonight there will be many Nobel price winners.
    3.Your Samuel is coming.
  2. Relax your light can only grow brighter.


  1. Praise God that at least you are still alive.
    2.Father, any member of my family that is still in a pit, pull them out.
  2. Father if there is any member of my family that is still in bondage, set them free tonight.
  3. If there is any member of myfamily that is still in prison send an earthquake and open the prison doors.
  4. Father, anyone who will help my destiny, visit them tonight.
  5. Father, in your kingdom let me shine.

Thank You Jesus, Glory be to Your Holy Name,
In Jesus mighty name we have prayed,
Every member of your family that may be in any form of pit shall be delivered tonight,Any member of your family no matter how far gone that may be in bondage shall be set free tonight,
Any prison around you, around your family, around those who are special to you, the Lord almighty will send an earthquake,
The prison door shall be opened, before the sun rises every member of your family shall be free,
All those who will help you reach your goal, God will visit them tonight,You will testify before the end of this month,
And you will keep on shinning, even in the kingdom of God you will shine,
God will make it easy for you to win souls,
You will not backslide,
In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.
Let me hear somebody shouting a shinning Hallelujah!Father, let Your anointing destroy every yoke in my life and the lives of my children once and for all.
Father, because of this anointing, anyone i touch now, let him/her receive a miracle.
Father, i thank you for the anointing of tonight, i pray that the yoke of poverty is destroyed in my life permanently.
In the name of Jesus, your request shall be granted and become testimonies.
In your lives, the oil of joywill never run dry,
In your homes, the oil of joy will never run dry,
The light of the Almighty God will continue to shine in your lives,
Sickness will stay away from your children,
Death will stay away from your children,
Demons wills stay away from your children,
Failure will stay away from your lives,
The Almighty God will accept and sanctify your offerings and use it for His glory,You will never lack again,
It shall be well with you, God will go with you,
His anointing will continue to destroy yokes in your lives,
Any one you touch from now on will receive a miracle,
In the kingdom of God you will not be missing,
So shall it be, In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.Who got the biggest miracle tonight?



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