Give God all the glory and honour.

Praise Him. He’s worthy to be praised and adored.

He’s worthy! Worship the Ancient of days! Heis the Lord Most High!

Lift your voice to Him loud and clear and say:“Father, tonight in my life, manifest Your glory.”🎶 We give You all the glory, we give You honour.

Thank You Father.Daddy says for someone: As far as you are concerned, the night is over. Your appointment with death has been postponed to 15 years.

You walked into bondage yourself, but because you came, I’ll bring you out. Thank You Father for past Congresses.

Thank You for the past Months.

Thank you for the past weeks.Thank You Father for past Congresses.Thank You for the past Months. Thank you for the past weeks.

Thank you for all You’ve done since Monday, please accept our worship in Jesus’ name. Tonight, please just glorify your name.

Tap your friends and greet them “good evening Elect of God.”Prayer for the children born in December. Tap your December born friends. Father, December is the last month, but You reserve the best for the last.

Please, give them the best in all ramifications in Jesus’ name. Amen. As at 7 pm, the number of children born is 39: 21 boys and 18 girls. It has come to my notice that some individuals are selling items with my pictures and that of my wife.

I appeal to you, please don’t buy it from them, I didn’t send them, I have nothing to do with them.I am human, I am not God. What these people are doing can lead to serious trouble, not for them; but for me.

God will not share His glory with any man. When God senses any man trying to share His glory, He takes the man.

Please don’t patronize them, report them. December 31st, we’ll be having the Cross over service. 4th of January, we’ll be having the first Holy Ghost Service themed “Swimming in Glory.”

Tonight’s service will be entirely different from the way things used to be. As God’s special son, I asked for a special request. I told Him to spare us one full hour for this Congress. What did He say? He said, “My son, it is done.”

My preaching tonight will probably be for 15 minutes. This is because I want you to speak with God for one full hour. Daddy says: I assure you, you’ll not carry failure into the new year. The moment I say “start praying,” God will focus on you.

I beg you, don’t ask for anything small during that one hour. I assure you that what God will do, your life will never remain the same again. Colossians 1:27Christ in you means several things.

It may mean Christ is dwelling in you, this gives you another name added to your new names: Habitation of Christ. Tag your friends and tell them: “I am the Habitation of Christ.”It may also mean that Christ is in total agreement with you.

It could mean that Christ has stepped into your situation: everything changes for the greater automatically when this happens. If Jesus is in anyone, everything will change from shame to glory. 2 Corinthians 5:17When we say “Glory Ahead, ” it’s a prophetic theme that generates hopes as long as we have breathed in us.

Glory Ahead is an encouragement.It signifies help being readily available. This means we shouldn’t despair. When we say Glory Ahead, it is something that should be received by faith as the Just shall live by faith.

Glory Ahead means the glory is in the future. It, however, means not necessarily far away. That means the ahead can be today. John 2:1-11I decree to you, your glory will begin tonight. Glory Ahead means somehow, the future will be better.

TheGlory of the latter house will surpass the former. It means your best is yet to come. It means your sun  is about to rise. Glory Ahead could mean the present isn’t so good, but things will not remain the same.

It could also mean that though things are good, however, things are about to get better, like Elisha. Glory Ahead could mean that though things are glorious, God wants to move you to a new level.

1 Corinthians 15:41God has the power to move you from one level of Glory to the other. Glory Ahead could also mean that there was a past that wasn’t so good with a stolen glory, but the bad past is about to change into a glorious future.

Glory is the opposite of shame. Proverbs 3:35When God says Glory Ahead, it means shame is about to end in your life. Glory ahead could mean that the present isn’t so good but things will not remain the same.

It could also mean things are good but it’s about to get better.
Glory ahead could mean things are glorious at the moment but God wants to move you into a higher level of glory.
Glory ahead could also mean there was a past that wasn’t so good.

Glory ahead could also mean there was a past that wasn’t so good.
Glory is the opposite of shame. Glory for the wise Shame for the fools.

Shame is about to give way in your life.
Several factors contribute to shame; sickness, disease, failure, defeat. There’s nothing glorious in defeat. There’s nothing glorious in bondage.

There’s nothing glorious in sorrow.Glory therefore means the absence of all the negative things.

Very soon your song will be; Now that the battle is over I am more than conquerors

To round off, note that glory belongs to the wise. So, from now on, be wise. The wise only shall inherit glory. He that winneth soul is wise. On a flip, he that doesn’t win soul is foolish.

Be wise, pay your vows.Be wise, seek God diligently. We are going to pray for one hour. If you like, fall asleep.

An opportunity like this will not come again, make full proof of it.If I were you, all those things that I asked God that haven’t been granted will be revisited. Make your requests very big.Your one hour begins now!



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