Day 4


DaTE:6th DECEMBER,2018.
Text: Isaiah chapter 65:19 – 24

Why do we need to pray? One of the reasons will be, the spiritual controls the physical.Joshua6:20

Why pray? Because there’s help for you.
There’s someone looking for whom to help, whilst there’s someone who needs desperate help.

Why pray? God can direct help to you.1Kings17:8-16 My God will send you help tonight!!!!

Why pray? Because God knows your needs and can direct the help to you.

God can also force the one who must help you to come to you.

I decree into your life, “Those who will help you will no longer rest until they render you help.”
We were building the auditorium then when the carpenters came to me and said they needed #204.00k.I told them I didn’t have it, but they grumbled. god sent the money the next morning in multiple folds.

I prophesy to you that God will make those who are to help you not to rest till they do so.
Why pray? 4. There are some heights that you can’t reach except God takes you there Himself. When I was a little boy, I played a tennis ball for fun. I kicked the ball high and it landed on the thatched roof of our house but got stuck there.
I tried all I could to get the ball, but I couldn’t. In my tiredness and frustration, I went to my dad who was seated there all the while. He asked why I didn’t ask for help all those times. With one swing, my dad brought the ball down.
With His everlasting arms and a swing, God will take you to your heights in Jesus’ name.

When you call on God, there are three possibilities to expect. 1. Call on Him when He is near, but come with thanksgiving, pay your vows and then call to Him.2. Before God calls, He can answer. Acts 15:18, Exodus 15:22-25
Possibility 3.3. Before you call, God will answer. Psalms 103:8He will answer because He is gracious and plenty in mercy.Ephesians 2:4-5He is rich in mercy and can reach down to us to help us.Psalms 106:7-8- For His name sake.
God will answer you tonight for various reasons.

Because you are His Ambassador, His Vine and most of all, the Elect of God. The Elect means the One who God has chosen to love, God’s favourite. John 13:21-26.
Don’t let anyone deceive you that God loves everyone equally. Some people have some relationship with God that isn’t common with man.
One more illustration, and I’ll leave you to discuss with God. God is my Popcy, and I’m His Bornboy.In my former house, I had a room attached to my bedroom for prayers. My last son would come in then to request for cookies.

When I realised that he would always come around to request for cookies, I had them in the room even before he came the next time. That’s the way God treats His own children, He prepared the answers to our requests before we call.

If you haven’t given your life to Jesus, you cannot enjoy his privilege of having your requests before you call. Hardly will He hear you. Surrender to Jesus Now To help you and save your soul.Ask Him to make you His child.
For the next 15 minutes, you are going to talk to God.

You are going to ask for help; that is if you need help.

Tell Him to send HELP to you from the four corners of the earth.

Say, “Father, You know where my helpers are, please send help to me. I need help and I need it urgently.Before this night is over, send help to me.”

“Father, You know where my helpers are, please send help to me. I need help and I need it urgently.
Father, I am Your Elect, I’m Your Ambassador, I am Your Branch, please send help to me, and please do it urgently.”In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.
Almighty God, Help of the helpless, please send help to us. We are Your favorite children, please send help to us. You’re the Ever present Help in times of trouble, Lord send help to us.Before the sun rises, send help to us. From the East, send help to us, From the South, send help to us, From the North and West, send help to us. Let our joy come speedily in Jesus’ nameBy the time we gather tomorrow, let us all have our testimonies. Please Father, send help to us in all areas in Jesus’ name.



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