Special Live broadcast – The Outpouring 2018


Ministering: Pastor E.  A. Adeboye

Theme: The Outpouring 2018

Text: 1 Samuel 16:1, 11 – 13

Date: Sunday, 4th February, 2018

Event: Special RCCG Region 1 Service



  1. Let’s begin to thank God and bless His Holy Name.
  2. Father, when you are handing over your blessings today, please don’t leave me out.


  1. What a Mighty God we Serve.

Glorious, Marvelous, Loving Faithful, Dependable Jesus.  Glory be to your Holy name.

Today in all your churches all over the world do something new. Let there be a mighty Outpouring of your Power, Mercy.


From this day forward you will receive the outpouring of the Holy Ghost in Jesus name.

What is Outpouring

Outpouring is a congregation of 2 words:

Out & Pour

It means To come out from a full container.

Fill thine horn.

Unlike today, in those days they always pour a full bottle/ horn of Oil to anoint somebody.

Ps.  23: 5. Thou anointest my head will oil, my cup runneth over.

Outpouring causes Overflow.

There will be an overflow of Joy, Success, Anointing of Hallelujah in Jesus name.

Gen. 17:1 God is more than Full (Enough)

When someone is full he overflows.

What does Outpouring upon a man do.

  1. It positions you to fulfil Gods purpose

1 Samuel 10:1, When Samuel anointed Saul he began to prophesy like the prophets.


1 Sam. 16:1 God was about to choose a new King.

Outpouring empowers the fellow to lead.

1 Sam. 22:1-2 When David was in hiding several people gathered themselves together for him to be their captain to captain them.

No matter whether the man is hiding, through the outpouring people will find him, they will reach out to him. You yourselves will begin to Overflow.

1 Sam. 10:9-11. As soon as Saul received the Outpouring,  he became a prophet.

Through the Outpouring David became a prophet and he prophesied 3 critical and major prophesies about our Lord Jesus Christ.

  1. i) Psalm 22:1
  2. ii) Psalm 23:1-6 The Lord is my Shepherd,

iii) Psalm 24:7-10 Talking about the future return of Jesus Christ came from the mouth of David.

All these prophesies came from David.

  1. It becomes difficult not to witness

Acts 1:8, You will not be able to keep quiet anymore.

  1. It brings Healing

Acts 9:33 – 44 Paul spoke and Ananais was healed.

  1. To Kill our Enemies.

Act 5:1 – 11

Majority of Christians don’t really know who God is and they suffer for it.

Jesus is a combination of the Lamb and the Lion.


Anyone that will not allow me to reach my Goal/ wants to destroy my Family shall die.

We suffer because we don’t really understand the Scriptures.

God is Love but according to Heb.12:29 The Lord is also a Consuming Fire.

Anyone who is troubling your Joy, Peace the consuming one shall consume in Jesus name.

Acts. 13:6-12. Paul was preaching Salvation to a Governor and a Sorcerer was hindering him and immediately Paul decreed blindness on him and it came to pass.


  1. Anyone focusing on me, my family and my church for evil intentions shall go blind.
  2. Everyone that is trying to slow you down by criticizing you even when you have done NO wrong. They will loose their lives.

Outpouring is not only through your mouth but through your Sweat.

It will flow from your sweat.

How is healing produced?

By killing the germs and viruses responsible for healing.

Every Spiritual Germs/ Virus in your home, marriage shall be destroyed in Jesus name.


Acts 13:11-12. The Aprons of Paul brought healing.

You are meant to overflow through your Sweat.

Healing can also come through your Shadow

Acts5:14-16. Pauls shadow brought healing

When people shake you they shall be healed.

The Outpouring Empowers

2 Sam.  33:8-39. The same people who were vagabonds that came to David became Mighty Men through the Outpouring.

To build Disciples

Is. 61:1-4 Purpose of the outpouring is to heal the sick, raise the dead set the captives free but it will also be used to build disciples.

The Outpouring is what you must be willing to pay any price for because the moment it comes upon you, you will become stronger than your enemies.

Whether the enemies like it or not we shall receive the Outpouring today in Jesus name.

God is sitting on top of Heaven and may be ready to release the anointing but the Head of the Receiver may not be right.

1 Sam. 16:1-10. Samuel arrived at the house of Jesse and the head of all the other children of Jesse was not right to receive the Oil until they brought David from the bush where he was tending the sheep. Only David’s head was right to receive the outpouring.


  1. My head will be right.
  2. My head will not reject Oil.

Acts 2:37-39 When the people saw what the anointing was found in the lives of them Peter, ordirinary fishermen was doing, they said that they too wanted the outpouring also.

Peter asked them to confess their Sins, Repent, give their Lives to Jesus and be baptised.


  1. Father, I decree now, everything holding me down, let your fire fall and consume them now,



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