Day 2: RCCG Holy Ghost Congress 2017.Theme: Songs of Victory



Ministering: Pastor E. A. Adeboye

Topic: Victory over sickness

Text: Exodus 15:26

Prayer: Lift up your hands unto the Lord. Give Him thanks, praise Him, glorify Him.

Father, send your Word to me and heal me completely tonight in Jesus’ name.

Tell your neighbour “the Lord will heal you tonight.”

Yesterday’s birth report: 3 boys 1 girl
Today: 4 boys 2 girls
Total number of babies born this week: 7 boys and 3 girls

“I know that I know that I know that tonight is my night.”

Tomorrow is the day of deliverance!!!
Do not miss it if not you would have missed half of the programme!!!

God is the God that heals us. Exodus 15:26

Song: My head, my shoulders, my knees, my toes, they all belong to Jesus!
Sing it three times, by the time you finish the third time, something great is going to happen to you.

Before you leave here today, the doctor’s report about you is changing for good.

Believe it or not; God is deeply interested in your body and not only your soul and spirit. 1 Thes 5:23

God is interested in all that concerns you, including your body. Romans 12:1, 1cor 6:19

Don’t be deceived, God is not only interested in your spirit and soul, but your body too.
Many christians are sick today because they have not realised that their body is God’s property.

The body of a child of God is a property of the most High God!!!
Hence, you can tell the devil not to mess with you because you belong to God.

Be careful how you use your body, it is the temple of the Holy Ghost.

We would be looking at 10 reasons why you would leave this meeting completely whole tonight…

1. God is the one who made you. He is the potter and you’re the clay. Gen 1:26,  Psalm 64:8
In Luke 6:6-10, the Bible talks about a man with withered hand; just one word from the creator of the hand restored it.
God created you. He is the Potter. He can replace every faulty part. Jeremiah 8:24

Prayer: In the name of Jesus, you would leave this place brand-new tonight!!!

Since God created you, there is no part of your body beyond repairs for Him.
If there is anyone who needs an operation, God will do it right here.

2. God can heal genetic diseases.

God can handle genetic problems too. It means that if there’s an issue in your family; God can eliminate it.

God can handle genetic problems because He made your parents. John1:1
God knew you before you were conceived. Psalm 90:1-2

If your sickness runs in your family, congratulations! You belong to a new family: the family of God.
You’ll be made whole in Jesus’ name.

Every plant that God didn’t plant in your body and family line will be uprooted tonight in Jesus’ name.

3. God can handle cases beyond medicine.
He is not a doctor, He is the Healer. Jer 32:17

Your case would not be too “hard” for God to perform on!!!

When doctors fail, there is an Healer called Jesus!

Don’t joke with doctors , they are wonderful people.

Many at times, people think that they are healthy; not knowing that they are sick.
Anyone with any form of unknown sickness is healed this night!!!

4. The problem might be as a result of the sins committed by man. Psm 107:17-20

Psalm 107:19
Suppose you are sick because of your sins, Glory be to God: Jesus is the Saviour too.

He can forgive you and then heal you. Mark 2:9-12. 1John 1:7

If your sickness is as a result of your sin, He will have to forgive first before healing you. Mk 2:1-12

Prayer: I decree today, everything that you’ve lost shall be replaced today.

5. Our God is a Sovereign God!!!
No one can question His authority Psalm 115:3
Even in all these, He’s very gracious Psalm 86:15

Prayer: I decree that because of the mercy of God, everything wrong with you shall be put right in Jesus’ name,

Since God’s mercy is evident in your life, everything wrong with you would be put right!!!

6 He He still hears prayers and answers prayers. Psa 65:2, Jer. 33:3

God hears and answers prayers. Ephesians 3:20

He is able to do more than you can ask.
Mark 10:46-52

Prayer: God will hear you tonight.

7. Whether you believe it or not; God needs you – to serve Him. Matt 8:14-15

Everything that is not allowing you to serve God would be dealt with tonight!!!

God needs you to bring Him glory.
John 9:1-7.

God cannot be glorified in your sickness but in your healing. Isaiah 38: 18-19

He will heal you tonight in Jesus’ name, and the whole world will glorify Him.

Prayer: I decree tonight, your appointment with death is canceled in Jesus’ name.

I refuse for you to die in Jesus name.

On behalf of everyone committed to serving God, we refuse for you to die!!!

Every prophecy concerning you that has to do with death is canceled tonight in Jesus’ name.

For the rest of your life, you won’t even know sickness!!!

8. You have been disappointed before, not today!!! John 5:2-9

God doesn’t disappoints.
Psalms 102:13

Lift your hands to God and say “my time has come.”

9. Your faith might not be enough but not to worry, we would be joining our faiths together tonight. Mathew 18:19, Mark 2:1-12

God is going to see our faith, and in Jesus’ name, He will honor our faith.

Father, we refuse to let You go because You are going to heal all of us!!!

The agreement of God’s children births awesome and powerful miracles.

The merciful God will heal you tonight.

10. Whether you believe it or not; God still loves you!!! John 15:13, John 11: 1-4

Because of the love God has for you, you’ll sing songs of victory before tomorrow. John 3:16.

God loves you so much that He gave Jesus. What else can He not give?

Get ready. God assured me that He will do great wonders today.

God has said He will heal abundantly.

He has assured me. Get ready!

Healing is meant for children of God and not sinners.

If you are yet to give your life to Jesus, do so now.

God loves you that He gave Jesus.

Jesus loves you which is why He gave His life for you.

Ask Him to have mercy on you and forgive your sins.
Tell Him to save you and wash you in His precious blood.

I say “congratulations” to those who have just given their lives to Jesus.

God bless you.

Prayer points.
1. Father, thank you for loving me.
2. Almighty Healer, prove yourself in my life tonight.
3. Father, just have mercy on me.
4. Father, my body is yours. Every plant you’ve not planted in this body, uproot tonight.
5. Father, whatever needs to be repaired in my body, repair it tonight. Whatever cannot be repaired, replace it tonight.
6. Father, I am in total agreement with all my neighbors here tonight: heal them all.
7. Father, give tonight brand new eyes, wombs, kidneys, and other brand new organs.

You have 10 minutes to pray. Cry to God with all your heart, I’ll pray with you afterwards and we’ll have cause to rejoice.



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