Day 5 Evening Session RCCG Annual Convention 2017


Day 5 Evening Session RCCG Annual Convention 2017

Theme: Halleluyah
Plenary Session 8 (Holy Ghost Service) – Halleluyah
Ministering: Pastor E.A Adeboye


1. Lift up your voice to Him and say, Father, from now on let Halleluyah be permanent in my mouth.

2. Join your hands with your neighbour and say, Father, please fill the mouth of my neighbour with continuous Halleluyah.


1. Daddy says there is someone here tonight I will heal your memory.

2. The Lord says for someone here tonight, whose river seems to be drying up…the Lord says I will give you another spring.

3. The Lord says for someone here tonight, your Testimony will be this Convention is meant for me.


1. The September Holy Ghost Service is especially for those Trusting God for the Fruit of the womb. So invite your friends and relatives trusting God for the Fruit of the womb. Then you should make sure that you come as well as barrenness can come in various forms.

2. Daddy GO wants to thank everybody for your love, support, prayers and gifts (big or small). On Wednesday, a child followed the father to my office and gave me TomTom. Daddy said he was really touched for a child to release her sweet and he envisaged that such a child has a long way to go. Daddy requested that her name be sent to his office so that he can constantly pray for her.

3. For those from abroad, the date for the Congress is 4th to 10th of December 2017 with the theme: SONGS OF VICTORY.

4. The Convention for next year (2018) if the Lord tarries will take place from 6th to 12th August 2018 with the theme: DOMINION.

5. Daddy wants to specially thank his Covenant Partners especially the Partner-75. If you need bank details of where to pay to, they have an account with Haggai Bank and you can get account details there or you can send it to the Headquarters but indicate it very well.

God will keep on blessing you!

Bible Text: Revelations 19: 5-6

“5 And a voice came out of the throne, saying, Praise our God, all ye his servants, and ye that fear him, both small and great.

And I heard as it were the voice of a great multitude, and as the voice of many waters, and as the voice of mighty thunderings, saying, Alleluia: for the Lord God omnipotent reigneth.”

Halleluyah as we have been told in the earlier teachings simply means PRAISE THE LORD.

And He said everybody should Praise  Him whether great or small.

If you belong to any of the categories above let me hear you shout Halleluyah…Halleluyah!!!

In any congregation, there will  always be three (3) categories of people:

1. Those who just lost a battle.

2. Those who are in the midst of a terrific battle.

3. Those who had just won a battle.

And yet Psalm 47:1 says: Clap your hands all ye people and shout to God with a voice of Triumph.

1. Those who just lost a battle.

The question is: How can God say to everybody to Praise Him? How can I be Praising God when I just lost a battle?

If you lost something, it is God that didn’t allow you to lose everything and so you are expected to Praise Him for the remaining things.

The main reason why those that lost a battle are expected to continue Praising Him is because when there is life there is hope. Eccl. 9:4 says a living dog is better than a dead lion.

That is why Psalm 150:6 says all things that have breadth should Praise Him. If you are still breathing, you should be Praising God because as long as there is life, tomorrow can still be alright.

In Judges 16: 18-22 is an account of how Samson had lost a big battle…Delilah had shaved his hair, handed him over to the enemy, bounded him, pluck his eyes and led him to prison. But the bible says his hairs grew again.

As long as you are not dead, there is still hope for you. No matter terrible your case may be, it cannot be like Job. Job said in Job19:25 that in spite of everything, he knows His Redeemer lives.

Because you are still breathing, let me hear you shout Halleluyah.

PROPHESY: Earlier Daddy GO had made a request that God should heal 65,000 people to mark the 65th Anniversary of the Church. There was no response then.

But God just gave a response that He will even do more than that. So get ready to receive your healings tonight

2. Those who are in the midst of a terrific battle.

Suppose I am in the midst of a fierce battle. How can I have time to be Praising God. Bishop Oyedepo told us earlier that when you are fighting a battle that you cannot win then the wisest thing to do is to look for someone that can help you to win the battle.

In 2 Chronicles 20: 1-25, 3 kings waged war against Israel. He referred the case to the Almighty God who instructed them to just Praise him and watch Him take care of everything. Psalm 24: 7-10. Also read Psalm 50:23.

If you are fighting a battle and wants to overcome before day break let me hear you shout Halleluyah!!!

Are you fighting a battle that is too big or difficult to win and you desire to be with us in December 2017 signing the Song of Victory…let me hear you shout Halleluyah.


I. The Lord says tonight, that wish you have been struggling for to get will now come in easily. The Lord says that those trying to hinder you from finishing your course…you will finish them.

III. The Lord says that for someone here tonight, the expressway of your life has been finished, it will be opened tonight and from now it will be full speed ahead.

3. Those who just won a battle.

Will you have thought that those who had just won a battle should Praise the Lord? When Hannah finally got her child, she sang a song to the Lord. This is not humanly. Psalm 103: 1-5; the Bible says bless the Lord oh my soul and all that is within me. Bless the Lord oh my soul and forget not all His benefits.

Human nature prefers to remember bad things rather than the good things. But I know someone here tonight as from tonight on, you will wear a Garment of Praise.

PROPHESY: This is for a particular business man. Your business had practically gone down or crumbled/absolutely dead. The Lord says your Lazarus will rise again.

Human being failed to recognise that life is a battle…you win one battle and get ready to face another battle.

The case of David in 1 Samuel 17: 34-end.

How come David kept on winning? He said in Psalm 34:1 that I will bless the Lord at all times. His Praises shall continually be on my lips.

Have you won a battle and want to keep winning, let me hear you shout Halleluyah… Halleluyah.

Anyone at all whether just lost a battle, in the midst of a battle or just won the bible should just be shouting Halleluyah.

Some of us came in late and missed the first altar call.

The only person without hope is the person without Christ. Colossians 1:27 Christ in me the hope of Glory. If Christ is dwelling in you then you can rejoice as there are hopes for you. Surrender your life to God now and you can rest assured that your life won’t be the same again.

Let us start to Praise God for all He has done and forget not all His benefits.


RCCG has you know started with Pa Akindayomi who happened to be illiterate. But God chooses to start a Church through him that will go round the world. This seems not to make sense then but today RCCG is in over 190 countries.

A lot of things happened to the Church which Divinely Revealed to the Founder. The Name of the Church was divinely given on a black board.

Not long afterward, God showed him a vision and asked him to make a rod made of wood in a certain fashion which must be handed over to the successor. It was handed over to Daddy GO. There is nothing Magical about the rod aside it being a Staff of Office. You have not been seeing it because God says it should out unless He (God) instructed it.

Tonight we will pray three prayers with the rod.

When Moses got to the Red Sea, God told him to raise up his hands and 3 things happened – the wind blew, the sea was parted and lastly, all the enemies of Israel drowned.

1. Father, let your wind blow on me tonight… where there is darkness, let there be light and reverse the irreversible.

2. Father let there be a Way for me where there seems to be no way.

3. Father, before the sun rises tomorrow all the evil things in my life must be forgotten.


I. The Lord said that someone will experience 3 doors with each not been a one-time Miracle…it will come like a river bringing blessing.

The First one will be for you completely.

The 2nd one will be bigger than the 1st and it completely belongs to God

The 3rd will be bigger than the first two and will be released based on your Faithfulness. It will be shared 50:50 with God.

II. There is someone here that before the end of the Month of August, you will hear an Exceeding Great News (Amen).

Let Some body Shout Hallelujah. Daddy prayed over an handkerchief for us and from now on when you wave this handkerchief the wind of God will blow when you wave it there will be a way where there is no way, when you wave it every rubbish in your life will be blown away (AMEN) PASTOR E. A. ADEBOYE #Hallelujah

NOTE: Later tonight, there will be Holy Communion Service with the theme: JESUS GAVE THANKS.

Thanks for reading!!!



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