Day 4 Evening Session RCCG Annual Convention 2017


Day 4 Evening Session RCCG Annual Convention 2017

Theme: Halleluyah
Plenary Session 5: (Deliverance Service)
Ministering: Pastor E.A Adeboye
Topic: Jericho Wall Must Fall



PRAYERS: Lift up your voice to Him loud and clear saying Father in my life do something tonight that you have never done before – something New, Powerful, Miraculous, Divine, Spectacular and Glorious.

This is a Night somebody will never forget.

Tomorrow (Friday) as you know is a Special Night and as in our custom expected to fast in order to get ready for what God will do in our midst.

The topic is simply: HALLELUYAH.

However because we must move over to the New Arena, you will be allowed to break your fast by 3pm and so cross over to the New Arena. There will be buses for the Elderly ones alone after the dinner by 3pm and we the younger ones should find our way down there.

Those that will also be coming tomorrow are reminded to early as both Arena will be full and some people will have to stand.

It is surely going to be a Glorious Night. If you believe me shout Halleluyah…Halleluyah!!!

Bible Text: Joshua 6:20

Tonight the Jericho Wall in your life will fall…Amen

And all that it will cost you is one big shout of Halleluyah… Halleluyah!!!

You see, there is something called Destiny.

Destiny simply means the Plan of God for your life. It is the Purpose of God for your life.

In Jeremiah 1: 4-5, God said to Jeremiah that before I formed thee I knew thee and before your mother brought you forth, I have sanctified and ordained you a Prophet to the Nation.

You see God is a Builder. The bible says that except the Lord builds the house those that labour, labour but in vain.

And like every good Builder, God builds according to Plan. So before He formed you, God had a plan for your life.

The Good News here tonight is that the Plan of God for your life is a Good Plan. In Jeremiah 29:11, God says: I know the thoughts that I have towards you, they are thoughts of good to give you an expected end (this simply means your destiny).

Tell someone next to you with all confidence that my tomorrow will be alright.

Tonight, we will just give you some examples.

1. In Exodus 3: 11-12; God told Moses to go to Egypt in order to bring out His people. Then Moses asked God what should he tell Pharaoh? God simply asked him to tell Pharaoh that He God has a Plan for their life and the Plan was that they will worship God on this Mountain.

2. Concerning David in 1 Samuel 16: 1-13; God told Samuel to stop weeping over Saul as God had rejected him as King over Israel. Tonight may God not reject you in Jesus Name.

God simply asked Samuel to go to the house of Jesse and that He has chosen one of his sons as a King. When Samuel got to the house of Jesse, he brought out all the big sons that he had but God said None of them is the King and that the one He wants is at the backside of the bush. Samuel instructed that they will not sit down until he comes.

Daddy prayed that those people that are meant to help you to reach your goal from now won’t sit down.

…The destiny of David was to be a King.

3. For Joshua in Joshua 1: 1-6; God told Joshua that His Plan for his life (destiny) is to take His people to the Promised Land and divide the land among them.

So what is the Wall of Jericho?

In the simplest language, the Wall of Jericho is that thing that stand between you and the fulfillment of your destiny.

For example in Exodus 14: 1-28; when the children of Israel was on their way to the Promised Land, they got to a sea called the Red Sea. This was blocking their way. Then Pharaoh started coming from the back in order to take the people back. The people cried to God and same with Moses too. God then asked him why he is crying…I didn’t say you bring them to worship me at the sea but on the Mountain.

Tell the person next to you…I have not reach my goal yet.

Then God breadth on the Red sea and it parted way because God had spoken earlier that they will Worship Him on the Mountain.

What of David, as soon as he was anointed as King, the devil wanted to kill him. The devil sent lion and bear to kill him and then Goliath. When you get home go and read 1 Samuel 17: 1-end.

What Goliat was simply saying is that: send anyone to fight me; if the person wins him he will serve them or if he defeats the person they will serve him.

In essence, he means that he wanted to take the kingdom from David and so block his destiny. At the end of the day, David stood on him and lifted up his head.

Daddy has Good News for someone; anyone who wants to take your crown will lose his head.

When Joshua got to Jericho and suddenly saw a big wall, he was confused as to how God will take His people to the Promised land talkless if dividing the land for them. He was asking why the wall was blocking their way. Then the Almighty God simply showed up to show His Mightiness.

Yesterday night we spoke about the Power of Praise such that when you Praise God, He will pay you a visit.

He simply told Joshua not to worry himself and that He will take care of the situation. Joshua simply followed instructions and the Wall of Jericho fell down.

God knows the end from the beginning. In Acts 15: 15; the Bible says that known to God are all His works from the beginning of the world.

Everything that will happen to you, God knows even before He created the world.

Daddy always tell us his children that we should not worry ourselves or be disturbed as God knows everything pertaining to us.

In Psalm 90: 1-2, the Bible says before the mountains are brought forth…He is God.

Therefore, before the Walls of Jericho was built, God was around.

Do you know that you are not just here at the Redemption here tonight by accident? You didn’t come just because you wanted to come…No…it is in the Plan of the Almighty God that your Miracle can no longer wait and your Walls of Jericho must fall.

In Mark 1: 40-45; a leper came to Jesus and said that I know if you are willing you can cleanse me. Jesus touched him and he was cleansed. In Verse 44, Jesus instructed him not to tell anybody. But the leper man just smoked and went to town and start broadcasting what Jesus did to such an extent that Jesus find it difficult to come to town again.

What is the Purpose of this? God knew that the leper man was meant to be an Evangelist. So the devil wanted to use sickness as his own the Wall of Jericho.

Some of us remembered Arc Bishop Ben Idahosa. When he was born it does not look as if he will live. So his mother dropped him on a dunghill for 3 days before returning him home. He later became a Great Bishop.

Daddy Prophesied that it does not matter what the doctor said about you; you won’t die in Jesus Name.

You can read from the book of Luke 8: 27-40. We read about the story of a certain mad man of Gadarenes who has legions of demons in him. Jesus Christ set him free. The man preached so hard that the whole nation came to respect Jesus Christ. The devil had an ideal that he would be an Evangelist and so tried to put sickness in his life.

There are some people God has something great for but the enemies put other things inside.

The Good News is that it does matter how many of them are gathered against you, they will fail.

Hannah for example, the devil knew she will produce a great Prophet and King Maker in Israel and so made her barren. He was the one that an annointed King Saul and David. The bible says in 1 Samuel 3: 19-21; that God did not all the words of Samuel to fall unto the ground – meaning whatever he prophesied must come to pass.

So when devil decide to make his mother barren, God removed the Wall of Jericho and Samuel came forth.

Do you know that there is something in you – a Great Prophet and Achiever that is within you that the devil is trying to prevent.

That is why we are here tonight as that thing must be removed.

We all know Bill Gates. He was thinking about the computer but there was no money to bring it out. He had to borrow money from his friends. Assuming Bill Gates died before producing the computer. Has it occurred to you where the world will be today?

There is something Great that God wanted to do through you. And in Jesus Name, whatever God has to remove will be removed tonight.

Now the only thing you need to do tonight is to PRAISE THE ONE WHO IS THE DESTINY MAKER.

Take a critical look at all the people we have mentioned tonight.

Moses was a Song Writer and Singer.

That is why I rejoice with the Choir tonight. Some people think the time you spend in practice and rehearsals are waste…they are in for a surprise. Whether you know it or not, God has a Purpose for your life.

Daddy decreed: Sickness, Demons and Death will not block your way. Even if a relative tried to block your way…the Jericho Wall must fall tonight.

If you believe me shout Halleluyah… Halleluyah!!!

In Exodus 15: 1-11; Moses wrote a song:

Who is like unto thee oh Lord (2ce)
Among the gods
Who is like thee
Glorious in Holiness
Fearful in Praises
Always doing Wonders

Moses even wrote one of the songs that we will sing in Heaven in Revelation 15: 1-3.

David is also a Song Writer, Singer and Instrumentalist.

In Psalm 34: 1-3 he gave a song:

Magnify the Lord with me
Let us Praise His Name together.

Hannah in 1 Samuel 2: 1-2 wrote a song:

There is none Holy as the Lord
There is none beside thee
Neither is there is anyone like our Lord
There is none Holy as the Lord.

Whenever you see anyone that can Praise the Lord, you cannot hold such person down.

You may not be able to compose a song but you can sing what others had composed or at least shout a joyful noise.

God says as we will spent a lot of time singing and dancing, He will do what He has not done before.

But for the benefit of some of us that are not born again; the word of God in Proverbs 15:8 is very real: The sacrifice of the wicked is an abomination to God. If such Person is Praising God, God will not pay attention to such. So that is why before doing what God asked us to do next. If you are yet to be born again but yet want the Wall of Jericho to fall then you better run out now to give your life to God.



When God told Joshua to go round round the city once each for six (6) days then seven (7) times on the 7th Day…all He wanted to do is to test his obedience and trust in God.

Because what God asked Daddy GO to do may seems very childish. In times past God had tested Daddy GO severally.

What we wanted to do tonight the elderly may sit down as the Youth will do it for them.

God asked Daddy to tell us to regard today as our 7th Day. We will then go round seven (7) times then after the sound of the Trumpet..we will a shout Halleluyah and then leave the rest for God.

Daddy GO is well assured that every Wall of Jericho will fall.

Wherever you are now, you will turn round seven (7) times…be absolutely quiet; Trumpet will sound afterwards and you will shout Halleluyah.


Let us start Praising the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords because the Wall of Jericho has fallen down.

Waoooo….its another awesome moment in the Presence of the Lord.

Friday is the Special Holy Ghost Service of the Convention.

Let’s note the following schedule of Programs:

1. Pleanary Session 6 (8.30am to 10am) with the theme: PROVOKING PROPHECIES.

2. Bible Study (10.30am to 12pm)

3. Youth Hour (4.30pm to 6.30pm)

4. Plenary Sessions 7 and 8 (7pm till fades)

Plenary Session 7 theme is THE SACRIFICE OF THE WICKED

Plenary Session 8 theme is HALLELUYAH




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