Talk 3

Topic: Power of Dominion

Text: Gen 27:30-40

There was a sermon on this passage that shook Daddy tremendously. The sermon is broken into four pieces and may be presented next convention.

Jacob has a multitude of blessings. He got one by deceit from his father. He got additional blessings fair and square. Gen 28:3-4. The Father knew who he was talking to here. Esau got only a remnant blessing. In addition he got a great advice. Go after Dominion. When.you have Dominion you will break the yoke of your brother. Esau then pursued Dominion with all in him Gen 33:1-9. Years later when he met Jacob he was able to say to him I have enough. Jacob was trembling in fear when they met because he got Dominion.

Get Dominion. Provincial Pastor that delay your promotion just get Dominion. Regional Pastor or GO that delay your

Types of Dominion

1. Financial Dominion. Prov 22:7. Get Dominion and stop borrowing. Many nations have fallen into the trap of debt. The rich rules over the poor. Prov 14:20. It is difficult to win soul if you are hated. It’s easy for the rich to charter buses to bring people to camp. 2 Kings 4:1. The rich can sell you. When your house is on mortgage bank owns the house. Zachariah 20:1. Everybody abroad have financial problem. Have financial Dominion I’m your nation. We want to win the world but it is not possible without money. If we are going to defeat those limiting evangelism we must have financial Dominion.

But that does not mean the Pastor alone should be wealthy but the congregation must have financial dominion. If there is money in the Church, Pastor will be able to achieve a lot for God. Your congregation must have financial dominion if your are not praying you are in trouble. It’s painful to hear challenge of money but we serve an All sufficient God. Father don’t let me ever beg for money again. The reason congregation is not prosper are 1. I can always get money from GO. 2 Fish with your money in his mouth is in a river near you. From tonight God will show up in your church. Go to the river to catch the fish with your money in his mouth. God is our provider and he never runs out of money.

2. Political dominion. When Esau was coming to meet Jacob Gen 33:1-7 he had 400 body guards. Ordinary person does not have body guards. Esau looked at Jacob with all his blessings, he got Dominion. The one with political dominion can influence your life, ministry and destiny positively or negatively. Gen 41:44. Pharaoh with political dominion influenced the destiny of Joseph. Does it mean we must occupy political office not necessarily but if you wish Daddy will pray for you. If you are politically connected you can be a blessing to people of God and your nation. Esther 4:7-14. Esther used her political connection to rescue Israel and but for her Jesus would not have been born and we would not have been saved. Prov 29:2. People rejoice when righteous is in power. Hen 45:17-20. Pharaoh asked Joseph to go and bring his family. Gen 47:6. Please convince everybody to join a political party. Devil has deceived us long enough saying politics is dirty. There is a need for us to change. Candidate is chosen from.the ward level. Make yourself visible rather than.complain. We are turned second class in our country that should stop. Can Pastor be a Present? Why not? Nothing wrong in Pastor being a President.

3. Spiritual Dominion. The one with spiritual dominio n controls practically every other person. Exo 8:20-22. When there was fly all over Egypt there was none in Goshen. Fly represent demons. If you have spiritual dominion you can wipe out demons. 1 Kings 18:36-40. Elijah had dominion and killed all the prophet of Baal. You can destroy all agents of devil with spiritual dominion. 2 Kings 5:1-14. Story of Naman. Elisha was commanding Kings with his spiritual dominion. You can.conteol generals and determine faith of nations. 2 Kings 13:14-19. You can also determine the future of your nation if you have spiritual dominion. We need fasting and prayer to get spiritual dominion. Hey ready for more fasting. Marks 16:17-18. In His name we shall have Dominion over demons, serpents real or spiritual. Spiritual dominion has nothing to do with title but your faith, commitment, hunger for.dominion and without dominion you are finished. Go for dominion, it is the only way out and you will get it. As a believer with dominion you will overcome poison. 2 Kings 4:28-31. With spiritual dominion you have Dominion over sickness and diseases.

While dominion has nothing to do with title by God’s own arrangement you exercise dominion if you are under authority. Luke 7:1-10. Jesus said to disciples when he sent them out that those who receive you receive me. Anybody that defile my representative defile me and defile the one that sent me. So for your sake and your children let that stop. Lamb of God is the lion of the tribe of Judah. Don’t die young. Are you big enough to defile God?

Gen 49:8-10. Judah thou art he who the … Judah means praise. Gen 29:35. Praise you will have Dominion. Praise is not a joking matter. To have financial dominion learn to praise. David with nothing but was a praise warrior and he got Dominion. He had enough money to build a house for God. That is dominion. He was also a king which is political Dominion. Psa 22. Psa 23. Psa 24. Three powerful prophesies from David means he has spiritual dominion. In Daddy’s long walk he is praising God until all prophesies are fulfilled.

How do you have financial dominion God gives the power to get wealth, political dominion only God can promote, spiritual only God can grant spiritual dominion. Just praise him.



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