June 2017 Holy Ghost Service, Abba Father 5 – Text, MP3 & Video


June 2017 Holy Ghost Service – Abba Father 5

Date: June 2, 2017
Topic: Abba Father 5
Venue: 3km by 3km New Auditorium , Simawa, Km 46, Lagos-Ibadan Express Way, Ogun State



Pastor Sola Owoeye Sermon at June 2017 RCCG Holy Ghost Service – Abba Father 5

Download Pastor Sola Owoeye’s Powerful message at June 2017 Holy Ghost Service – Abba Father 5



Ministering: Pastor E. A. Adeboye
Topic: Abba Father 5

Download Pastor Pastor E. A. Adeboye Sermon at June 2017 Holy Ghost Service – Abba Father 5

1. Let’s begin to Thank and Worship the Name of the Lord.

2. Tonight we want to Pray some Special Prayers against those kidnapping some of our children:

A. All those kidnappers, wherever they may be, the Lord should send down His Fire and deal with them.

B. All those cooperating with the kidnappers, the Lord should expose them.

C. Before Sunday oh Lord, let all the children be back home completely and reunited with their parents without any harm happening to them.

3. Call on the Abba Father tonight that all those shedding innocent blood unless they repent… before the end of this Month we want them dead.

4. Abba Father, anyone causing heartache in any of our families…my Father deal with them tonight…wherever they are or however they may disguise…deal with them so that your Name may be Glorified.

Let someone Shout Halleluyah.


The Holy Ghost Service for the Month of July is for Disciples (Alumni and those on it now). It will take place from 6th to 8th of July 2017 with the Theme ABBA FATHER PART 6.

Tonight each Zones (4 in all) had Ministered in Song and the Word. Daddy evaluated them and offered useful advise.

Let me hear you Shout Abba Father is His Name … and Shout His Name…JESUS!!!

The Month of June is when as a Church we usually come to say Thank You Lord for the journey so far in the year and so that He can bless us the more in the remaining Months of the Year.

It is our Month of Thanksgiving in the Church.

Just as the Lord has instructed us at the beginning of this Year, we will first spend time to make Altar Call. God told him that some people come to HGS are not blessed because we leave the Altar Call till the end of the message. So we now want to be sure that all of us has become children of God before doing anything.

Read Proverbs 21:27; The bible says the sacrifice of the wicked is an abomination to God. Most especially as it is brought with a wicked mind.

God loves to be Praised and so Psalm 50:23 says whosoever offers Praises to God Glorifies Him and He show forth His Salvation to them.

John 4: 23-24 says God seeks for Worshippers. Infact He looks out for them and so when He finds any; He is always very delighted. So when He found a Shepherd boy committed to Praising Him in David, He made him a King.

In Joshua 6:20 we read how the shout of Halleluyah brought down the wall of Jericho.

When you Praise God, you remove all obstacles on your way. When you Praise the Lord , He can open the prison doors as He did in Acts 16: 25-30.

In 2Chronicles 20: 20-25, when the people Praised God, God causes the enemies to destroy themselves and then transfer their wealth to His children. This simply means that when you Praise God all manners of Miracles will follow suit.

From tonight, all the obstacles to your Miracles will roll out in Jesus Name

… Just Shout Halleluyah again

But He said, though He loves Praises but the Praises of a sinner is not acceptable because its an abomination as their ways bad in the sight of God. Proverbs 15:9 says the ways of a sinner is an abomination to God. Even their thoughts is an abomination to God.

Proverbs 15:26 says that God said He knows how a sinner thinks and it is an abomination to Him. All of such Praises are not acceptable. Infact He equates the sacrifice of a sinner to shedding of innocent blood (Proverbs 6: 16-17).

When we talk about abomination, it simply means something so horrible in the sight of God

Proverbs 28:9 says the Prayers of a sinner is an abomination to God. So God does not hear such. He knows those Christians that are pretending…some may even be singing in the choir.

The only Prayer a sinner can pray is that Lord just have Mercy on me especially when determined.

Luke 18: 10-14 talks about two (2) who went to Church to pray…one telling God how good he was while the other just saying here I am have mercy. You are doing yourself a whole lot of good when you asked God for mercy because everything you do henceforth will no more be an abomination to God.

So if you are tired of pretending and want to give your life to God so that you won’t be an abomination to Him again…then you have to give your life to God.


MAIN TEXT: Matthew 6:9
When we talk about the Law of Priority…it simply means arranging things in order of importance to us.

Luke 6:45 says out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. If you see a man stranded in a desert, his priority is water.

From the Main Bible Text we read, Jesus Christ was telling them that after saying Abba Father, His next Priority is to Praise Him. He desired to Praise Him more than anything else.

If you carefully study the lifestyle of Jesus Christ as He kept on going about in His Ministry Works…He kept on using Words that connotes that He wants to Glorify His Father.

Tonight we will examine five (5) Statements made by Jesus Christ at different times to show His belief in His Father.

1. In John 14:28; Jesus said…”My Father is Greater than I”. What does that means: it means He (Jesus) is Great but His Father is Greater than Him. In John 10:29, Jesus went ahead to declare that His Father is Greater than all. This means that His Father is the Most High God. In Daniel 3: 19-24, that King was asking the three(3) Hebrew children who their Father was that made Him Greater than him. Therefore God revealed Himself to him in Daniel 4: 28-37 that He is Greater than him by making him to be animal until he acknowledged that there is a Most High God that rules in the affairs of man.

Therefore the first thing you should do is to Praise Him (God).

If you believe that your Father is Greater than the Greatest then let me hear you Shout a Big Halleluyah!

2. In Mathew 3:9; Jesus said again “My Father can bring children out of stones”. In Luke 19: 37-40; Jesus said His Father can cause a stone to speak.

What is He saying from all these? He is simply saying that His Father can do the Impossible, Incredible, what you won’t be able to belief. And of course He knows what He is saying.

In Exodus 17: 1-6; God made water to come of the rock and even made them sing.

Tell your neighbour that the thing they say is impossible is a joke because my Father can do it.

1. The Lord said to someone that He has already heard you.

2. God said to someone that you will experienced two (2) Surprises this Month – one will be a Pleasant one for you while the other will be an Unpleasant one for your enemy.

Daddy GO decreed that to all of you that they have told Impossibility; next Month you will Testify.

3. Jesus also said in Matthew 26: 53 when they wanted to arrest Him and Peter attempted protecting Him. Jesus said I can ask my Father and He will send Him twelve (12) Legions of Angels (about 72,000 Angels) to fight on His behalf.

What does this means. In 2Kings 19:35 the bible recorded that just one Angel in one night destroyed 185,000 human soldiers

As a mathematician, I get curious and wants to know the import of this. So when we talk of 12 Legions, it means Thirteen Billion, Three Hundred and Twenty Million. All the people in the world is like Six Billion. So it means 12 Legions of Angels can wipe off the whole world in less than a day.

So all Jesus Christ is simply saying is that His Father is the Mightiest – let my Father arise and all His enemies will be scattered. You know how all those Musicians make your head to swell when they call you names that you are not…your head swell up and you begin to spray money on them anyhow.

In the same manner, when you Praise God, you allow God’s head to swell, He rises up from His throne and all enemies scattered.

If you belong to a Church that they Praise God adequately, every battle will be crushed because your Abba Father is the Mightiest.

4. Jesus said in John 14: 1-2 that: “In my (His) Fathers House there are many mansions”. Revelations 21:21 talk about the streets in Heaven being made of the purest Gold which is used to build the Houses as well.

What Jesus Christ simply means is that my Father is the Richest. Genesis 24: 34-35 talked about Abraham being Rich but God was the Giver of the wealth. Isaac in Genesis 26: 1-14 was said to be very rich but it was God that made him to be rich. In Genesis 30:43; Jacob was recorded to be very rich but all still linked to God.

All Silver and Gold belongs to God. He is the one that gave Power to get wealth infact.

When God wants to give, He gives according to His riches. If He is indeed your Abba Father, before you pray, He gives you. If you ask Him for one thing, He will give you many just to prove Himself as the Abba Father.

Daddy says He has a strong Faith in God that someone will ask for a child; God will give him/her three (3) children. Someone will ask for a Promotion, God will give Double Promotion. God is even saying you are limiting Him with the Double but its Triple that He is giving.

1. God says for somebody, nothing seems to be moving right now but very soon things will be accelerating.

2. God says He will use your case to show the world that He can still deal with Goliath.

5. Jesus Christ made another statement in John 8:58; That before Abraham was, I am.

What does that mean? John 1: 1&14 talks about this God existing even before the very Beginning.

What He is saying is that His Father is the Oldest.

In Exodus 3: 13-14; God asked Moses to tell the Israelites that it is I am that I am that sent him. Before the mountains, this God exist – Psalm 90:1. Before cancer, hypertension,heart problem, diabetes, barrenness etc God is.

When you Praise the One who knows the origin of your problems; whatever the enemies is hiding in your body, business, marriage, home, children etc will be forced out.

All you need do is to Praise Him to the extent that when He stands all your enemies will be scattered.

God had done so much for us that even if He chooses not to do again; Praising Him is a debt we all owed Him and you can be rest assured that He will do more for you.

…Very soon, people will begin to notice that you are dancing for the Lord.

Shout a real Big Halleluyah to the Lord. Then go ahead Praise Him, give Him all the Glory and Adoration. Bless the Ancient of Days and thank Him for all what He has done for you in the past and Salvation of your soul.

Note: When Prayers fails, turn to Praises and watch God move on your behalf.

This Month, more than before…continue Praising God.

PRAYERS: Father, put a New Song in my mouth – a New Song of Praise, Thanksgiving, Permanent Victory, Joy etc so that I will Praise you more and more. Give me a New Song to sing.




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