Tips to Win Soul -World Evangelism day


Here are few tips to win soul for Christ.

Three important steps in Evangelism

1. How to start conversation: Don’t start preaching. Start with conversation. Find connecting point, be friendly, ask open questions, show interest. Awaken their interest. Share your experience. The best experience is knowing Jesus.  Get the attention. How was your life before you met Jesus? Find something of common interest to both of you. Share your testimony.

2. How to share the gospel: God created man for a purpose. God loves man. We are not created for religion but for relationship. All men are designed and created to have a relationship with God. Everybody is created to know God. Secondly, we are separated from God through disobedience. Isaiah 59. Religion cannot save us, but separate us from God. Jesus is unique and the gospel is powerful. John 3:16.

3. How to lead to Christ: Will you like to give your life to Jesus name. Then pray, “Dear Lord Jesus, I believe you are the son of God, come into my heart, forgive all my sins and be my Lord and savior”.
Tell him/her to pray, read his Bible and invite him to your local Church.



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