A Day Out with the God of G.O – Lagos


This year Lagos edition of “A Day Out with the God of G.O” invitation is out. If you are interested in partnering with Daddy G.O, please ask for your invitation card at your local RCCG Parish.

Date: Sunday, 4th June, 2017
Time: 2:00pm
Venue: New Auditorium, Simawa

A “Day-Out with the God of G.O” programme is organised mid-year to raise adequate awareness and support for the flagship annual Holy Ghost Congress of RCCG, held in December every year at the Redemption Camp, Ogun State, Nigeria.

The Congress is a week-long international event often regarded as the largest religious gathering in the world with over 180 countries participating and which also promotes religious tourism. The 2017 Congress will take place at the ultra-modern 3kilometers by 3kilometers -sized auditorium of the church believed to be the largest Christian auditorium in the world located at the Redemption Camp, Ogun State


See Invitation below:




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