[Video] Some Real Life Testimonies from Pastor E.A Adeboye


LET SOMEBODY SHOUT HALLELUYAH!!! Here are some amazing real life testimonies from our Daddy in the Lord, Pastor E.A Adeboye. Read and share.

The Word of God is powerful, Psalms 107: 20 says “ He sent his word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions” . Meditate and wait for God’s abounding blessings in Jesus’ name.

1. A Dump Child Speaks
(Daddy G.O) A woman brought her child. That child will probably be between 9 and 10. And said this child had never spoken before please pray for this child. (GO) I laid my hand on this child and I said, In the Name of Jesus and the child said ‘Amen!’ I have not prayed yet! I just said: In the Name of Jesus! And the child that had never spoken before said ‘Amen! I nearly jumped out of the window. The mother was on the floor rolling! That kind of miracle that will make you roll on the ground for joy God will give you this year! (Amen!)

2. Divine Promotion
(Daddy G.O) Once upon a time when I was a lecturer in one University I won’t mention which one; there was a particular man who was not promoted for 12 years because somebody hid his file. But when his time came there was a change of Head of Department and the new Head of Department said I want to see the file of everybody in my Department. They searched and searched until finally they dug it out where somebody hid it.. Your file that had been hidden by the enemy shall be brought out this year. (Amen!) And they discovered this man should have been promoted at least twice and they gave him double promotion.

3. Sick Woman Healed
(Daddy G.O) I was invited to Port Harcourt , Nigeria . Full Gospel Business men had a program, they asked me to come and preach. When I finished the first preaching that night one man came and said sir, my wife is sick, in hospital; please could you come and pray for her. So we made arrangement for the following day. The following day we went there. The wife had been completely helpless on the sick bed, she could not even turn but I prayed for her and the one who had not been able to even talk escorted me to the door! I didn’t come to Port Harcourt for this man! I came for a program, heaven was just passing by and this man tapped into it! Heaven is passing by tonight, somebody is going to tap into it and your sickness will disappear. If you believe that let me hear you say ‘Amen!’ (Amen!)

4. Marriage made Possible
(Daddy G.O) A sister came to one of the Programs in Ebute Metta, Lagos years ago, and the Word came just as it is coming now that there is a sister whose mother didn’t want her to marry. That if the mother does not release her, Mama herself will be buried within 7 days. A Word just came like that and I announced it. I don’t know which sister was concerned. The following day the sister came with the mother. The mother was very furious. That’s the way you stupid prophets spoil the head of our girls, telling my daughter that I will die because I didn’t allow her to marry. I said me? Sister did I say that? She said the prophecy that came yesterday. What God said is that there is a sister here did I mention your name? I said Mama don’t mind her, nobody mentioned her name, she was just claiming what is not her own.

The mother said, oh-oh is that so? She said, all right. She asked the lady to go out and the lady went out and she said Pastor, but is it true that the mother will die? I said I’m not talking about you oh I’m not talking about you, but what God told me is going to come to pass, so if you are the one and I’m not saying it is you before the week runs out whoever it is, is going to be buried. Ehhhh, I’m not asking her not to marry but who is going to take care of me after. I said Mama that’s simple; I can tell her and tell the husband to take good care of you. I will make them promise. That’s if she can marry within 6 months, this girl who was almost 40 years old and nobody had looked in her direction before, there is somebody here today anybody who says you will not marry will not see the end of January because loneliness must end!

5. Little Girl Delivered from Death
(Daddy G.O) I went to visit a family and at that time I didn’t know that the woman of the house was a number one witch and that she had reached an agreement with her husband in the spirit realm that of every two children born one will die one will survive. And there was this little girl that she had given birth to. She was one of those that were to die. In fact that was the day that the girl was to die. We didn’t know at that time so we went there to greet the family and as I was about to leave that girl stretched forward towards me. She was at the back of the mother stretched out, stretched towards me in such a manner as I had not option other than to carry the child. We were to learn later that this child never, never allows anyone else to carry her. But something told the girl, you are dying today unless just stretched towards me so I carried the girl and I prayed. I didn’t know what I was doing: Father bless this child, keep sickness away from her, keep death away from this child. And the yoke was broken! It wasn’t long after that when the mother began to confess: I killed this one, I killed this one, I killed this one, I killed this one the day I was to kill this one he this troublesome pastor came by and took the child from me. Today every one of you that the enemy had decided death for I cancel that one in Jesus’ Name! (Amen!)

6. No More Sorrow
(Daddy G.O) There’s a young man that had been coming from America again and again to testify. When I first met him, old as he was, he was always weeping like a baby. He’s married; he’s got children but he’s always weeping! My wife used to say before you begin to weep again don’t start oh! Because he had known so much sorrow. The father left home when he was a child one sorrow after the other but now it is one miracle after the other. He was telling his church people, because he’s a Pastor, he said, some how since I met Pastor Adeboye it’s one miracle after the other! One miracle after the other!

7. Blessed with a Baby
(Daddy G.O) We went to a Holy Ghost Service in Kaduna , Nigeria and I wanted to go to the toilet while the choir was singing and there was this brother who was an usher standing somewhere near the toilet. So he greeted me and I shook hands with him. I didn’t know he was rejoicing.. So I went to the toilet. Apparently he has told the other ushers. He shook my hand, he shook my hand! When I was coming back there were about half a dozen of them! So I shook hands with them. I didn’t know that one of them had received one before he shook my hand the second time and he put his hand in his pocket. He got home and he told the wife who had been barren for years bring your stomach, the GO shook my hand 2 times! 9 months later the baby came. Your hands will be blessed tonight! (Amen!) I say Your hands will be blessed tonight! (Amen!)

8. Miraculous Provision
(Daddy G.O) In 1956, while living with my uncle, we had our fair share of poverty. He was poor but I was poorer. We mutually shared whatever we had.
One day, we were very hungry and there was no food in sight. Then all of a sudden a young girl approached us and said her sister asked her to give us the food she was carrying -pounded yam with vegetable soup and chicken. My uncle told her he did not know her sister and asked if she was sure we were the right people the food was meant for. She replied in the affirmative, so we received the gift and my uncle told her he will be expecting more gifts from her sister like this one she brought.
Immediately the girl left, we pounced on the food. As soon as we were done eating the food, the girl resurfaced and said it was all a mistake that the food was not for us. Who will give a hungry lion a goat and expect to get it back?



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