Privileged than I : Entitlement Mentality –Part 1


I grew up in a society where an average person feels the world owns him something for showing up on planet earth. We erroneously believe that when an uncle, aunt or relative shows up in our house they are supposed to “drop” something before leaving. If they do, then they are nice but if not they must be stingy or unfortunate – perhaps they have not made it since donkey years of residing in Lagos, UK or US as the case may be.

The height of it is when a relative feels you are obligated to train his or her children academically, you try to decline or explain your financial state and they launch a massive attack on you. God will have to help you survive all the emergency family meetings that would be called purposely for this. Why on earth do you feel Cousin T, Niece R , Nephew K, Distant Relative Y should not live with you and enjoy your money? They would ask. If you are resolute and you are a married man, then your wife is the next target of attack, she has probably bewitched you to neglect your family is the next line of thought. You accept and the relative comes in with an entitlement mentality, he is expecting a lot just because he is a blood relation!

Maybe it’s time to drive home some hard truths, NOBODY OWES YOU ANYTHING but you owe yourself big time. I am not ruling out the give back concept but don’t feel anybody on earth is obligated to help you, just enjoy the opportunity if it comes. Be the one ready to overflow to others: your country and the world, you have got something great to offer.

Learn to appreciate the little efforts people are making to add value to your life, be grateful and don’t feel entitled! Arise from your lackadaisical attitude and take up the challenge of fulfilling your own destiny. Rise above throwing a poor-me pity –party, God has deposited so much in you to get to your desired destination, don’t fail yourself and God.

So, next time that friend , relative , agency refuse you help , don’t validate the victim persona , just believe your help cometh from the Lord who make Heaven and earth ( Psa 121:2) and He would surely send you help. So, keep dreaming, keep working on productive ventures and one day not too far away, you would be celebrated by His grace.

With Regards, RhodaKeji.

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Rhoda Onaderu

Rhoda Onaderu is an inspirational writer and is God ‘vessel behind This Generation Magazine (an interdenominational quarterly Christian youth magazine). Her creative works are usually based on biblical principles told in a contemporary African style.

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