Day 1 – March 2017 Special Holy Ghost Service >> Come and Drink


Day 1 – March 2017 Special Holy Ghost Service

THEME: Come and Drink

DATE: Thursday, 2nd March  2017

MINISTERING: Pastor E.A. Adeboye

VENUE: 3Km by 3KM New auditoriun , Redemption Camp, KM 46 Lagos Ibadan Expressway, Mowe, Ogun State Nigeria

Zonal Presentation:

South East Zone

Ministering: A/P Okechukwu .O

Topic: Come and drink

Text: John 7:37

Meaning of Come: It is a call, an invitation

Meaning of Drink: Jesus was personified as drink – 1 Corinthians 10:4

Drink represent something that when taken can satisfy thirst and desire

1 Corinthians 3:4

Come and drink means come and meet Jesus

Who is Jesus?

  1. Mathew 1:21- Saviour
  2. John 14:6- the way , the truth and the life
  3.  Isaiah 9:6- Wonderful- He specialises in doing wonders
  4. Counsellor
  5. Everlasting Father
  6. John 11:35- Resurrection and the life, you cannot come in contact with Jesus and still remain dead.John 11:4142
  7. John 10:11- Good Shepherd
  8. Jeremiah 32:27- The God with whom there is no impossibilities, He specialises in answering hard prayers

This invitation is an open one for everyone

2 Chronicles 9:7, If we genuinely respond to His call , you will receive answers to your prayers

Who is the invitation for?

  1. Anyone that thirst after righteousness- Mathew 5:6
  2. Those that are laboured and heavy laden, those labouring without any result, example; Peter- Mathew 11:28
  3. Those that are under the yoke of sin without the time of refreshing.Acts 3:9
  4. Mark 10:46-52- any man that is blind can never make progress in life
  5. Those under demonic operations, It is an invitation to be free from all forms of demonic oppression. Luke 13:10-39

Requirements of the invitation

  1. Hebrew 11:6- Faith
  2. Willingness to obey His word- Isaiah 1:19
  3. You must not go with your filthy rags


Talk 2- South West

Ministering- Pst. Adewumi

Topic: Come and drink

Text : John 4:14, John 4:7-29

When the Samaritan encountered Jesus, Jesus washed her past, reorganized her present and secured her future

Example of a man who had an invitation from a higher authority that transformed his life- Mephiboseth

John 7:37- Jesus is the one inviting

2 Samuel 9:1-12

The purpose of the invitation:

  1. It was an invitation to a new life. 2 Samuel 9:1-12, Mark 5:1-15, John 6:37
  1. It is an invitation to new level
  2. Its an invitation to complete restoration- 2 Samuel 9:7; Joel 2:23-26
  1. Its an invitation to prosperity- Deuteronomy 8:18
  2. Its an invitation to relationship- 2 Samuel 9:3, John 4:7-29, your relationship determine the kind of information you will have- Genesis 18:13, Daniel 2:16
  3. Its an invitation to rest- Mathew 11:28
  4. Its an invitation to salvation. 2 Samuel 9:10 John 1:12

Things that can be done to an invitation:

  1. Ignore it
  2. Postponed it
  3. Take it slightly
  4. Outright rejection
  5. Acceptance- John 1:12

If you accept the invitation, all the purposes o invitations will be fulfilled in your life

Genesis 12:1,4- Abraham accepted the invitation from God and this made him a father of nation


Talk 3- Region 8- Northern

Ministering: Pst Tunde Francis

Topic: Come and drink

Text: John 7:37-39

Points to note:

  1. Jesus is the only one who can give the living water because He’s the custodian of the living water-John 4:10
  2. The living water is available to all
  3. The condition to get the living water is to be thirsty. Isaiah 55:1
  4. The means of getting the living water is to believe, Mark 9:23
  5. The living water has the power to become rivers of living water- Ezekiel 47:1-5
  6. The living water is the Holy Spirit, you need the Holy Spirit in order to fulfill destiny, just like you need water to survive- Luke 4:1, Acts 4,6:38, Luke 1:29-35
  7. Concerning Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit was with Him from conception to the fulfillment of His destiny- Mathew 3:16-17, Acts 10:38

Ultimate conditions:

Thirst-Psalm 42:1-2, Isaiah 43:3.Isaiah 11:1-2

Meaning of  thirst:

To  have a strong desire for something, to want something or someone badly . the intensity of your thirst determines your pursuit of what you’re thirsty for ,Example:- Elisha-

2 Kings 2:1-13

Who are the thirsty:

  1. Those who are tired of living in sin Isaiah 12:3, salvation has many well, well of healing, deliverance etc.
  2. Those who are in desperate need of a miracle Luke 8:43-48, Mark 10:46-52
  3. Those who want to be instruments of signs and wonders, signs and wonders are path way to winning soul for the kingdom of God- John 4:48,1 Corinthians 2:4-5, 4:20,

Talk 4- South South

Ministering: Pst Adebayo

Topic: Come and drink

Text: John 7:37-39

Come and drink is the greatest invitation because your destiny depend on it and you have a choice of how to handle it

Genesis 1:26- Jesus was involved in the making of man

There’s a vacuum in everyman to be filled and every attempt by man to achieve this has failed-

Ecclesiastes 2:10-11

Anything used to fill this vacuum outside the Lord Jesus is vanity

The value placed on an invitation depend on who is making the invitation

John 4:10- Jesus is the source of the living water

Revelation 22:1-Jesus has all sufficiency in Himself

Exodus 17:6- He appears as the rock of ages

John 14:6- He’s the truth, so He cannot lie

Who is Jesus inviting?

Thirst is a personal thing, Only individual who knows they’re thirsty

What is the drink,Jesus is talking about?

  1. John 10:10b-  life
  2. John 12:10- Living water
  3. The river of the Holy Spirit John 7:39. Romans 8:10,when you drink the Holy Spirit,you drink life, after being born again, you have to keep on drinking

Isaiah 55:1. 1 Peter 2:2

Benefits of drinking from Christ:

Revelation 22:1-2

  1. Everything in Christ will be in you- Ephesians 3:17,19
  2. You will produce fruit regularly
  3. Healing virtues will from you to others
  4. You bear fruits in season and out of season

Point to note:

  1. When you have a test of this living water, you won’t want to go back to the dirty water of sin- John 2
  2. You become great

Quote : Drinking from eternal fountain Jesus Christ is the door way and the only way to true greatness


Talk 1 – 4:  VIDEO 




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