TOPIC: Healing Virtues / Restoration of Health by PASTOR E. A. ADEBOYE

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Day 2 Video – Evening

Day 2 Video – PASTOR E. A. ADEBOYE Sermon

Joel 2:25 – 27. Mark 5:25 – 34.

Father, with your mighty healing hands please touch me tonight.

God will restore your health tonight.

When sin came, curse came. Curse is a silent killer. It kills silently, progressively and relentlessly. The woman with the issue of blood is an example. No noise of the dripping blood but death was steadily creeping in.

Not all deaths are sudden. Some come in slowly. The problem among Christians is that some are not sick but they are not well. Pain here discomfort there and manageable. Every ache will get out today in Jesus name. Lev 17:11. The life of animal is in the blood. She was losing blood, strength, resources. Joel 1:12.

Glory be to God for the source of life. John 14:6. A contact with him makes a difference. This woman knew that if he can only get in contact with Jesus she will be made whole. We shall have special contact with Jesus tonight.

Contact with Jesus brings up sin again Isaiah 59:1-2. There is enough power in the hand of Jesus but our sin, iniquities transgressions have separated us from God that He will not heal. As powerful as his presence may be if there is a sin in our lives, the sin will act as a barrier from being able to to receive a touch and healing. God call several things sin and we should treat it with same importance. If you are angry or bitter with your neighbor Heb 12:15, you have just opened door for sickness. If you come for Holy Communion and a person offended  and we have not forgiven the person, we have opened door for sickness. 1 Cor 11:29-30. There is a great danger in not being a soul winner. John 15:1-2. 6. Many are sick and we don’t know why, it’s because we are not winning soul. The grace to restitute our ways God will give us today.

Mark 2:1-12. Issue of sin in sickness is very crucial. Therefore if you have not given your life to Christ, surrender now and those who have surrendered but are still living in sin, begin to confess and ask for forgiveness so that you can be healed.

Three basic steps must be taken to get full restoration. Like the case of this woman first is to stop the bleeding. Second thing is deal with the cause of the bleeding. Third is to either give blood transfusion which will cause complete restoration. In the case of this woman, the leakage of blood was stop. Every leakage in your life is ending tonight. Second thing is to remove the cause of leakage. Remove the plague. Then Jesus told her go in peace your restoration is complete. As long as there is a hole in the pocket, it is a wastage. We must stop the leakage.

Mal 3:8-11. If you will prosper financially, stop the curse. There is no need pouring blessing in the life of person suffering from curse, curse will eat it up. God will deal with the curse and destroy the devourers and thereafter pour down blessing. Today every devourers devouring our finances are rebuked today.

Luke 7:11-15. The widow of Nain. You will never weep again as God will deal with your source of sorrow today.

Acts 12:1-24. No more premature deaths in our families. God stopped the killing first. Then Herod was making a speech and God smoke Herod, he uprooted the one doing the killing. Father every agent of the devil behind our problems in our family, uproot by fire in Jesus name. Anyone standing between you and your goal in the name of Jesus will not see the new year. Then the word grew. The ministry prosper. If my sickness is in my ministry, God will stop the leakage, uproot the cause of leakage and breath Growth into the ministry. Every mountain must move.

The woman had faith in God of all flesh. Jer 32:27. You must please take note of one thing, whatever God cannot do can never be done and what human being cannot do is easy with God. Just have faith in God. Speak your faith out. The woman said her faith out before leaving home. The woman acted her faith, she took step of faith. You will leave here completely whole and you will be healed.

From now on you will enjoy good health Exo 16:26. As you begin to win soul, pay tithe, live holy, sickness in any form will not come near you at all. When your restoration come, money will change hand.

Prayer Points:

1. Praise Him.
2. Father please in Jesus name, stop every leakage in my life. Physical, spiritual etc
3. Please in Jesus name, destroy every blood sucker in my family tonight.
4. Father please restore me to full health, physically, financially, mentally etc



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