Special Hymn & Programme of Events for the 2016 RCCG Annual Congress


The Programme of Events for the 2016 Annual Congress is listed below:


2016 RCCG Congress Program


2016 Congress Special Hymn

1. There is no love
Like Jesus’ love
There is no peace Like Jesus’Peace
There is no joy Like Jesus’joy
There is no friend Compared to Jesus

Let us praise Him, brothers
Let us bless Him, Sisters
All together Sing Halleluyah
Let us love Him, brothers
Let us serve Him, sisters
All together Shout Halleluyah

2.When God made us, He made us whole
We were healthy, We were wealthy
But Satan came, And we were broke
But through Jesus We recovered all

3. Through His beatings
We have healings
His poverty gave us riches
He went to hell
Conquered Satan
Obtained for us
Full restoration

4. We were bound by
Satanic hosts
We were blinded
Lost in darkness
Jesus sent light
Into our lives
And by His truth
We are free indeed

5. There is power
In His Spirit
There is fire
In His Spirit
He baptizes
With His Spirit
To give power
To be His witness

6. Jesus loves us
Let us love Him
Jesus saved us
Let us bless Him
Jesus healed us
Let us serve Him
Since He freed us
Let us tell the world

7.There are mansions
In His Dad’s home
There are mansions
For you and me
He is coming
To take us home
I am ready
Will you be ready?

8. Let us praise Him
Now and ever
Let us worship
Let us honour
Great Jehovah
All together
Shout Halleluyah

9. Halleluayah
To God Father
To Lord Jesus
Holy Spirit
All together
Put hands together




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