April 2016 Children Holy Ghost Service-Theme: Little Lights


Ministering: Pastor EA Adeboye

Text: Matthew 5:14-16

Announcement :

Next month Holy Ghost Service theme will be Victorious Race.


There are things that are unique about light

It shines. It has capacity to shine and darkness cannot overcome it. Little ones are expected to shine and darkness should not be able to overcome it. Darkness will not overcome our light in Jesus name.
Light is multidimensional. It has capacity to lighten up every facet of life. If you are light, you will do well academically and in your career. So take charge of your life and be the best of it. God will make us the best

God is the originators of light. Gen 1:2-3. The one that has patient and copy right of life is God. God spoke and it came to pass. God is the father of life. James 1:17. Father takes responsibility. Don’t be confused. Take responsibility. John 15:1-5. Gen 1:14-16. John 1:4. It is through Jesus that we have life. Any life that does not bring light is a lie. Take up the study of the word of God. Be committed to things of the kingdom.

Prayer Point:
Father please keep darkness away from us and all our children in the name of Jesus.

Little Light. 1 Sam 3:1-10. We pray that children will soon be hearing from the Lord.

Gen 1:1-3. World is ruled by two powerful forces. Darkness and light. These two forces are represented by various names in the Bible. Deut 30:19. Death and life, blessing and curses. Weeping and night, joy and morning. Dan 10:1-14. Demons and Angels. They control everything going on in the world. Whatever happens in your life is determined by which is in control. Luke 8:1-3. Mark 5:1-20. Legion of demon controlling the life of a man before the light came in contact with Jesus and he became an evangelist for God.

Everyone lean towards either of these forces. Acts 13:6-12. Paul went to preach to a governor and he met a sorcerer there. Any trace of darkness in your life shall be dismissed tonight. Before we met Jesus, we have leaned on one sorcerer or the other.

Prayer Point:
Father from tonight, let your light take absolute control of my life.

Light has these peculiar characteristics. It shines everywhere. Matt 5:14. Joseph was a young boy Gen 39:1-6 in Potiphar’s house and his light shine. Gen 39:20-23. As soon as he landed in prison, he began to shine again. Gen 41: 1-end. Philip in Acts 6:1-5, he shinned in Church. Philip equally shined in Samaria. Acts 8:5-8. He brought joy to a whole city. He excelled to the extent that elders took note. Acts 8:25-38. Even in the desert, he shined. Light no matter how little will shine wherever it goes.

Prayer Point :
Father from now on anywhere my children goes let there light shine no matter how little they are in the name of Jesus.

Little light can become great light. Invariable great things start from small. Mark 4:30-32. Mustard seed. Little light can become great light. 1 Sam 3:1-10. Samuel was small but he became big. 1 Sam 3:19-21. Any prophesy he gave came to pass. 1 Sam 10:1. He became a king maker. First prophet to anoint king for Israel. 1 Sam 15:1-9. He became king removal. David 1 Sam 11-13. He was just a shepherd boy in the bush. He was not considered to be great but was anointed king among his brethren. 1 Sam 17:1-51. He removed shame of a nation by killing Goliath. He became national hero by that single act.
Mark 10: 46-52. Jesus the son of David, father of King of kings. One thing about God is that He may start small with you but if you stayed close to Him you will not end small. No matter how small your light is now, it will become big soon in Jesus name. Today will be a new beginning for you.

Prayer Point:
Father let my light begin to grow rapidly.

The real thing is that our children are potential lights. Light gives birth to light. James 1:17. John 8:44. You are of your father the devil. Matt 5:14. Once you are born again, you are child of light. Your child may be a prophet in the making. Jer 1:4-5. Or like David, he might be a future leader. Or in the case of Samson Judges 13, a future deliverer of his people. Judges 4:4-14. The little girl may be a future military leader. You never can tell what kind of light you are holding. Every child here tonight will become great.

Prayer Point:
Father whatever is your purpose for my children, let them be fulfilled.

Not all little lights are allowed to mature. Gen 4:3-8. Abel and Cain. Cain was doing the will of God but Abel put off the light. Exo 2:1-10. Before Moses was born, death was waiting for him. Even the Lord Jesus, Matt 2:13-15., death was waiting. The good news is that whatever is of God shall be forever. Psa 11:33. 1 Peter 5:8. The enemy may be walking about seeking whom to devor. 2 Chro 16:9. the eyes of the Lord looks around.
If not for the Almighty God,  many of us may not be here. God that kept us till now will keep all our children in Jesus name.

Prayer Point:
Father all the effort to put off my light let them fail.

That is why our little light need divine protection against dream killers Gen 37:13-24. The brother of Joseph wanted to kill him to kill his dreams. Matt 10:36. Not only against enemies but also against parental errors. Gen 19:30-38. Daughters of Lot got him drunk and slept with his daughters. Children needs protection against little habits of their children. They need protection against generational curses. 2 Kings 5:20-27. Elisha cursed Gahaze. Lineage of Gahazi end up being a leper. That is why elders investigate family history before marriage. Exo 17:8-14. Anamelek. 1 Sam 15:1-3. Every curse hanging in the family shall be destroyed today.

Your duty is to expose the children early to God and do it diligently. Isaiah 49:15. Psa 121:4. God will take care Isaiah 40:28. There limits to what you can do but there is no limit to what God can do. Luke 18:27. Introduce them to God early.

Why anointing our children?  They need anointing before they are hit by enemies.1 Sam 17:34 – end. Judges 14:5-6. The anointing will protect them against every attack of the devil. They need the anointing so that when we are not around, the anointing will continue with them.

Conclusion. Parents you have a lot to do. 2 Kings 2:19-22. To a new leave. Be a Christian true and true so that you can become salt of the earth. Constantly pray for your children. You need to expose this children to Jesus but you yourself must be a light. When you decide to serve God, never leave the children behind. Joshua 24:15.

Light give birth to light and darkness give birth to darkness. Give your life to Christ.

Prayer Points:
1. Father if any hand tries to touch any of my children for evil cut the hands off in Jesus name.

2. Father, any group of people gathering against my family, scatter them in the name of Jesus.

3. Father, from now, let there no cry of pain, of sorrow or loss in my family for ever in Jesus name.

4. Father, let every member of my family become a vessel unto honor in your hand in Jesus name.



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